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St. Louis Bar & Grill

St. Louis Bar & Grill Saint John St. Louis Bar & Grill has locations around New Brunswick and one just opened up in Saint John in 2024. I've had requests to add St. Louis Bar & Grill (Quispamsis) to the Hometown Top 10, but that list is limited to locations in the city of Saint John. If I were to add somewhere in Quispamsis, then there's a case for Hampton, Sussex, Moncton, Grand Bay - where does it stop? Before you know it, all of New Brunswick is in the Hometown Top 10. However, now that St. Louis Bar & Grill has a location in Saint John, they are eligible to be on the Hometown Top 10 list and - spoiler alert - they made the list after our very first visit. St Louis Bar & Grill Chicken Wing Nachos (regular) - January 2024 Distribution of Toppings Every bite had some delicious flavor on it. There was never a dull moment when we had these chicken wing nachos.  Quality When we went to the Saint John location, we picked what we knew was going to be a slam dunk

Cask and Kettle Irish Gastropub, Saint John, N.B.

The Cask and Kettle Irish Gastropub opened its Irish doors at its first location in Saint John, New Brunswick in 2016. It is located on Prince William street in the heart of the uptown area. In 2021, Cask and Kettle opened a second location in Rothesay, New Brunswick. I have debated splitting the two locations of Cask and Kettle into separate blog posts. I think for now, I am going to group all the locations together like I did for Britt's and the Gahan House . Let me know what you think of that approach in the comments! Do you want separate articles for separate locations? Cask and Kettle: Rothesay Cask and Kettle BBQ Burnt End Nachos - March 2024 Cask and Kettle Brisket Nachos (corn chip) - October 2021 Cask & Kettle Fried Chicken Nachos - August 2021 Cask & Kettle Fried Chicken Nachos - August 2021 Cask & Kettle Maple Bacon BBQ Nachos - August 2021 Cask & Kettle Maple Bacon BBQ Nachos - August 2021 Cask & Kettle Maple Bacon BBQ Nachos Empty Chips Left Over -

Costa Nachos Food Truck

In July 2021, Costa Nachos made its first appearance at the Hampton Brewing Company. It was an instant hit with them being sold out of nachos most days they were there. The next week, Costa Nachos made it to the West Side of Saint John, and then made a trip back to Hampton Brewing where I experienced their nachos for the first time. We were their first customers of the day; eagerly waiting for what I have been waiting for my whole life: a place with only nachos. We went a second time in September 2021, delighted to see they had improved their already delicious offering. As you can see from the pictures, we are regulars at Costa Nachos.   Costa Nachos Grande Cheese - March 2024 Costa Nachos "Spec-Taco-Lar" - April 2023  Costa Nachos "Spec-Taco-Lar" - April 2023 Costa Nachos "Blazin' Good Time" (add queso) - July 2022 Costa Nachos "Blazin' Good Time" (add queso) - July 2022 Costa Nachos "Sow Belly" - May 2022 Costa Nachos "Th

The Snooty Fox, Fredericton, N.B.

The Snooty Fox is located on Regent Street in Fredericton, New Brunswick. It is in Fredericton's South Side, just around the corner from the universities and colleges. You can enjoy the classy pub downstairs, or when it is nice out, there is a patio upstairs. I remember my first bite of these nachos back in the fall of 2003. My friends watched as I took the first bite, and that moment changed my life.  Let's just say that 60.43% of the time, I drive 1.5 hours just for these nachos and then drive home. Sometimes there is a race in Fredericton and I reward myself with the nachos afterwards.  Snooty Fox Windsor Nachos with Steak Pieces - February 2024 Snooty Fox Windsor Nachos with steak pieces - October 2023 Snooty Fox Windsor Nachos (steak pieces + extra cheese) - July 2023 The Snooty Fox Beef Windsor Nachos - February 2023 The Snooty Fox Beef Windsor Nachos The Snooty Fox Windsor Nachos (beef) The Snooty Fox Windsor Nachos (beef) Snooty Fox Beef Nachos - Febr