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York Bistro & Pub: Saint John, New Brunswick

 York Bistro & Pub is located in the Hilton in Saint John, New Brunswick with great views of the Bay of Fundy and a wonderful atmosphere. I am happy to be able to make a nice fresh review for a restaurant in the Saint John area as a new experience in Saint John when it comes to nachos is hard to come by. It would be cool to say that I've tried all the nachos in Saint John someday. Maybe I can make it a bucket list item. 

York Bistro & Pub Chicken Nachos - February 2023

York Bistro & Pub Chicken Nachos - February 2023

York Bistro & Pub Chicken Nachos (what was left over) - February 2023

Distribution of Toppings

There's an extra picture up there... you may already know what that means: There were a lot of chips left over. Also I would recommend asking for extra cheese when ordering these nachos. I find a lot of places have a hard time with layering their nachos but layering might make the difference between good and excellent nachos on the nacho blog rating scale. 


The highlights were the seasoned chicken, the tiny diced red onions, and the diced tomatoes. I would have loved some jalapeños on these nachos to make them really spicy. I did like those traditional corn tortilla chips, the top layer that had the cheese was pretty tasty.


The nachos are $16.50 with chicken included. The value is really good considering the quality of the nachos, but the quantity is a little on the small side so that negatively affects the value.


If you are sharing for a meal, I would recommend ordering something else to go with the nachos. This time we ordered wings after eating the nachos.


The quality of the toppings, the seasoning, and the great atmosphere with a view of the Saint John Harbor are what really sets these nachos apart, giving them a boost versus other nachos with a similarly poor distribution of toppings. The server told us that Rocky's had better nachos and we told her that these were definitely a contender for the top ten in Saint John due to the quality. I still stand by that today as I write, which happens to be several months after this nacho experience we enjoyed back in February 2023. We're catching up on our entries now!

Nacho Blog Rating: B+