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Berc's Cookhouse: Hampton, N.B.

Berc's Cookhouse is located on Main Street, in Hampton, New Brunswick. They do not have a website, probably because they are a brand new business as of the fall of 2021. We checked out their menu at the door and, lo and behold, there were nachos on the menu. I did not know anything about this business going into the experience and it had never been mentioned anywhere on the Foodie Group on Facebook, so everything about it was new. Was it a good new experience? Let's see!

Berc's Cookhouse Beef Nachos - October 2021

Berc's Cookhouse Beef Nachos - October 2021

Berc's Cookhouse Beef Nachos (chips leftover) - October 2021

Distribution of Toppings

The picture above says a lot about the distribution of toppings. We might have, between the two of us, had 6 chips with something on them and then we were left with many plain chips with not a lot of toppings to put on the chips. Sometimes, at least we get enough dip to go with the leftover plain chips... but this was one of the times where we received small dips that ran out quickly. 


The nachos needed to be cooked for ~5 more minutes in order to have a good toast factor. The cheese was not fully melted and did not stick to the chips. There were not many veggies with the nachos and the meat tasted bland - could have used some taco seasoning or something! The chips were tasty, but it felt like it was 90% just plain chips. 


The veggie nachos are $13.50. If you add beef, it is $4.00 extra and to add chicken it is $5.00 extra. Although the price is slightly less than average for a plate of nachos, the quality and distribution of toppings were less than average.


The quantity was sufficient for a snack with a non-alcoholic beverage because they did not serve alcohol at this restaurant when we went in October 2021. 


You can probably guess that I am not going to give Berc's Cookhouse a good grade for our visit in October 2021. When you see a negative review on this blog, keep in mind that we give all our feedback to the server (and sometimes the cook) whether it be positive or negative. I think feedback is very important; although sometimes it has to be negative when there are opportunities for improvement. It's tough to give the feedback because of the worry that it will add on to an already potential bad day for the server... these are stressful times in New Brunswick with the pandemic. With that being said, as a nacho experience, it was not really up to scratch. For now, I am also going to conclude that maybe nachos are not their specialty and that maybe they're more focused on other types of food. 

The positive part about this place is that they have good chips, and they're on the right track with the toppings quality. This is a new business and they're probably still learning and tweaking, so hopefully they tweak these nachos to have better distribution, toast factor, and toppings-to-chip ratio.

Nacho Blog Rating: D