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Belly Up BBQ & Grill: Truro, Nova Scotia

Belly Up BBQ & Grill is located on Robie Street in Truro, Nova Scotia. They are known for their great beer, big patio, great eats, and live music. I feel like we missed out on the live music on the patio, but that just means that we will have to go back and experience it! When we went to Truro, we had a pretty wide variety of food including Thai and Indian; however, there were a couple of times where we decided to do some nacho research. This was one of the times. 

Belly Up BBQ & Grill Pulled Pork Nachos (sharing size) - September 2021

Belly Up BBQ & Grill Pulled Pork Nachos (sharing size) - September 2021

Belly Up BBQ & Grill Pulled Pork Nachos (sharing size) - September 2021

Distribution of Toppings

There was a really good chip to topping ratio. I also really appreciated that there was just the right amount of pulled pork. I do not like nachos that have too much meat - "everything in moderation". 


Although I liked how the two cheeses were blended together; I think there should have been more cheese on these nachos. The corn tortilla chips were wonderfully fresh. In addition, we had enough dips for the size of the nachos and I liked how there was plenty of fresh veggies on top of them. Finally, I am glad that there was a good toast factor.


For a personal size of nachos, it is  $11, and for sharing it is $20. You can also order the potato skins which are priced at $10 for a personal size and $19 for sharing. Finally, you can order the "potachos" for $13. When you order the sharing option, you receive two personal-sized plates instead of one big plate. Had I known this, perhaps I would have ordered a personal size and ordered a different meat. You save a total of $2 by ordering the sharing vs if you both order personal-sized plates. I think the value is pretty good considering the distribution of toppings and the quality. As I said in my Muddy Rudder review, you have low expectations when you see a price of $12 and below for nachos and this plate exceeded my expectations. 


We were satisfied with the quantity for lunch.


Belly Up BBQ & Grill's nachos are not among the best we've had, especially considering what we've had lately at places like Costa Nachos or some of the other places that have been rated A+ (or even A++). It is a place that is economical as it gives you a pretty good size  and quality plate for a decent price. The only thing I would add is that there should be more cheese, but that is because I really love the cheese on the nachos (who doesn't?). With the sharing option divided in two, it probably makes it easier to ensure proper distribution of toppings versus having a larger platter with all the nachos piled on. To sum it up: they were decent (although not perfect) and I will be back. 

Nacho Blog Rating A-