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Nook and Cranny: Truro, NS

Finally! A new blog post outside of New Brunswick for the first time since 2019! We were so excited to go to another province, which turned out to be the province of Nova Scotia. We had some Indian food, Thai Food, and of course that wonderful Mexican food that is nachos. We went to the Nook and Cranny in Truro, NS on a very warm September afternoon and enjoyed the ambiance of their outside patio. Located right downtown on the main street of Truro (Prince Street), this pub is right in the centre of the action in this fun Nova Scotia town.

Nook and Cranny Bacon Nachos (personal size) - September 2021

Nook and Cranny Bacon Nachos (personal size) - September 2021

Distribution of Toppings

There is no picture with chips left over so you know what that means! Every chip had a lot of cheese and toppings and was satisfying to the last bite. Great distribution.


There was perfect toast factor with plenty of toppings on the chips. I appreciated that there was an option to order the corn tortilla chips instead of the kettle potato chips. As our regular readers know, we prefer the good old fashioned corn tortilla chips around here. The waitress said that customers mostly like the kettle potato chips but she did agree with us that the classic corn is the way to go. It's like the original Nightmare on Elm Street (corn tortilla) instead of the sequels (kettle/pita/wonton). Finally, I loved how big the dips were even though we only got the personal size.


The Nook and Cranny nachos come in two sizes: personal at $13 and sharing at $25. To add chicken, it is $3.50 extra. To add bacon it is $2 extra. To add guacamole it is $3 extra. The price is justified given the quality and distribution of toppings. 


We were very satisfied sharing the personal size for a snack and I could only imagine how wonderful the sharing plate was. I would love to go back and share it for a meal. 


Nook and Cranny has the whole package. They have great atmosphere, great food, great service, and great value. I regret not going back again and having the larger portion just to have more of that masterpiece. We will next time we're in the area. Great job!

Nacho Blog Rating: A