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Vegas Bar & Grill, Saint John, N.B.

Vegas Bar & Grill is located on Main Street North in Saint John, New Brunswick. Vegas is located inside of a hotel. I go to Vegas periodically, and for a treat I order the nachos on my lunch break.

Vegas Chicken Nachos

Vegas Veggie Nachos

Vegas Chicken Nachos - March 2019

Vegas Beef Nachos - July 2019

Vegas Beef Nachos - December 2019
Distribution of Toppings

You can see from the pictures that there is cheese on the nachos but it is sparse, and you do not really taste the cheese when you are having them. I felt like I just had chips with loose toppings with maybe a hint of a taste of cheese.


I really think my opinion changed since the last time I went to Vegas. The chips were fresh and crispy and the toppings were good; however, the cheese was not great.


The veggie nachos with salsa and sour cream on the side costs $10.99. They have increased their price recently, but I still think it is a good value for veggie nachos in comparison to the other prices on the blog so far. If you want to add chicken or beef, the cost is $3.49. This is less than most veggie nachos in the city.


I want to add that I did not share them. When I ate them alone, I was not hungry for supper when supper came along. Therefore, I was very full throughout the afternoon. I think I would sing a different tune if I shared them.


If you are craving nachos, you are on a budget, and you are close by, Vegas is the place for you. I really feel like I was generous in previous ratings because they failed on the cheese and that is the most basic part of the nachos. In all honesty, I think Vegas's competitive advantage is their steak and rice, but this is not a steak blog.

I want to add that you should not go if you have a 12pm lunch during the week and you are in a hurry. 

Nacho Blog Rating: C-