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Pizza Delight- Quispamsis

Pizza Delight is a Canadian franchise that serves Italian food. There are several restaurants in Canada and there are about 6-7 restaurants in the region of Southern New Brunswick. For a long time, I did not have any new nacho reviews  in Saint John and the reason for this is because I feel I would be disappointed with any restaurants that I have left out thus far. It sounds pessimistic but maybe realistic after you read my review of Pizza Delight, Quispamsis.

BBQ Classic Chicken Nachos- August 2019

BBQ Classic Chicken Nachos- August 2019

Distribution of Toppings

In all fairness, there was something for every chip. We asked for extra cheese, but Pizza Delight did not deliver.


The chips were fresh and I enjoyed how they had the mixed cheeses (not a lot of cheese though). What really killed the quality was that there were big onions all over them. They really needed to cook the onions more and cut them a little smaller. I really felt like all I was eating was onion when I was eating the nachos. We also asked for sauce on the side and there was sauce on the bottom with soggy chips on top of the sauce. There was nothing that really stood out as above average or even average at points in regards to the quality of Pizza Delight's nachos. 


The 9" nachos are $8.99, the 12" nachos are $12.99 without cheese and with cheese the 9" are $10.49 and the 12" are $16.49. On paper, the value is below average and would appear economical. However, the value of the service does not justify the price.


I shared the nachos but I also had wings as an appetizer. I was frustrated by the service, but I was not hungry after having the meal. Therefore, it is a healthy amount of nachos for a meal.


In my original write-up I described the bad service in great detail. I have mixed reviews on rating the service because on the one hand, it contributes to the nacho experience. On the other hand, in 2020 I have more compassion and patience for the waiters and waitresses because these are unprecedented times. For this experience in 2019 (before the pandemic), I will leave it at it was the worst service I ever received ever at a restaurant. 


If you go to Pizza Delight Quispamsis, be prepared to block off two hours of your time to have less than average food. It has been a week and I am wondering if they deserve to be rated higher than the place that I failed in Kouchibouguac that had decent service but worse nachos in regards to quality. The customer experience may be more important to me in this case than quality as it was not that much better than the bistro in Kouchibouguac anyways.

Nacho Blog Rating: F-