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Randy's Nachos

In April, I tried and rated Amanda's nachos, and now it was Randy's turn. We had nachos at Curly Portables but 5 hours later, we had an appetite for nachos made by our friend on a chilly September night. The night after Friday the 13th and a full moon at that.

Randy's Nachos- September 2019

Randy's Nachos- September 2019
The chips that were used were the restaurant multi-colour chips and there was mixed tex-mex cheese put on the nachos. In addition, I thought that fried chicken was a good call to use for chicken instead of just plain grilled chicken. Randy melted the cheese just right and the distribution of toppings was spot-on!
I think it's really neat that we have friends who make nachos for us who know how much we love nachos! I think that Randy's nachos were great and I had so much that I did not want to have another nacho. This is a good thing and it does not happen often!

Nacho Blog Rating (homemade): A-