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Algonquin Resort: St Andrews, New Brunswick

The Algonquin Resort first opened its doors in 1889 and is located in the beautiful town of St. Andrews, New Brunswick. The hotel's guests have comprised of heads of state and royalty which have included Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Prince Charles, Princess Diana, and virtually every Prime Minister of Canada since confederation. It is close to the Kingsbrae Garden and is about a ten minute walk from downtown St. Andrews where you can find restaurants, pubs, and shops. The Algonquin Resort also has a beautiful golf course that is quite the treat to golf lovers around the world. While watching the Habs stay alive in the 2021 NHL playoffs, I had to try the nachos in the Right Whale Pub, located downstairs in the hotel.

Algonquin Right Whale Pub Nachos - June 2021

Algonquin Right Whale Pub Nachos - June 2021

Algonquin Resort: St Andrews, New Brunswick

Distribution of Toppings

We had the RWP Algonquin Nachos twice in the same day. Both times, there was something for every lattice fry. There was plenty of cheese to go around, and plenty of veggies in the mix. 


I told Julia Wright on my CBC Information Morning interview that I am open to being blown away by nachos that are not made with the traditional corn tortilla chip. I must say that these lattice fry chips and these combinations are what I would have hoped for when I had the Churchills potato nachos. The three cheese blend combined with the fresh lattice fries topped with some spicy jalapeƱos is a recipe for some mind-blowing flavor. I would have enjoyed having a meat option for the nachos, but sometimes, you just do not get the meat option; if you do not, everything else has to be perfect. 


The RWP nachos are $16. You might expect pricey nachos at the Algonquin, but these are just $1 more than the average veggie nachos in Saint John. While the size is smaller than average, the location, distribution of toppings, and quality justify it. 


We shared as a meal and felt the need to order wings afterwards. They would be perfect as an appetizer before a meal with a larger group as well. 


I could say the generic "he was friendly and efficient" but that would not do it justice. I thought the waiter was a lot of fun and he even gave us a special dessert to celebrate our anniversary. 


I want Churchills to have this caliber of nachos, and in a larger quantity. This is an example of lattice chip nachos done right. In summary, the only flaws I saw with these are: they could have been a larger portion, there was no meat option, nor were there options for dips (sour cream comes sprinkled on the nachos by default). However, I am satisfied with the distribution of toppings, quality of toppings, value, and the exceptional service. 

Nacho Blog Rating: A-