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MIX Resto Bar, Saint John, N.B.

The MIX Resto Bar is located in the Delta Brunswick, which is in the Brunswick Square Mall in Saint John, N.B. I am a member of a foodie group on Facebook and they highly praise these nachos. Many foodie members tend to say they are the best in Saint John. I think some of their main points is that there is cheese for every chip and you get a great serving size. I went in 2018 and since my review expired, I had to go again in 2020 to keep my review up to date. I will say the same thing  I said about Lily's: Let's not get carried away by saying they are the best in the city, especially based on our last visit on one of the last days of summer in 2020 and our recent visit in 2022. 

The Mix Beef Nachos - August 2022
The MIX Resto Bar Chicken Nachos - 2020

The MIX Resto Bar Chicken Nachos - 2020

The MIX Resto Bar Veggie Nachos - 2018

Distribution of Toppings:

Just like 2020, only the top layer had cheese on them. After two years (2022), the MIX has continued to have poor distribution of toppings. 


I am always a fan of putting two different types of cheese on the nachos to add variety of flavor and color, but in this case (2020), there was just mozzarella cheese. The chicken was well-cooked and did not have that taste that the chicken came out of the can. They continued to have the two dips in the middle and not in containers and that is not something I agree with. I really think people should have the option of dips because there is a chance that they do not like salsa and/or sour cream. You do get a lot of dip and there was no chance that we were running out of dip for our chips.

In 2022, despite the consistently poor distribution of toppings, the MIX changed their nachos in many ways. They used round chips (not a good change), blended cheese, and the dips were on the side. The beef was nice and moist and the veggies were very tasty. I am so happy that there was blended cheese and they put the dips on the side so that customers have a choice on what dips to use. Finally, there was a great toast factor on the nachos!


The nachos are $16 without meat. To add pulled pork, chicken, beef, or shrimp it is $7.00 extra. The value is about average considering the quality of the nachos.  


The nachos are sufficient to share as a meal. 


"I cannot believe how different they were from the last experience! I had to completely delete my previous review and write a whole new review for what I just experienced in 2020. They were really good, but I would blend two cheeses together, add more cheese, and charge less to add chicken. Some of the magic that I experienced the first time just was not there". - Nacho Blogger 2020

Wow, they took all my suggestions and have thus increased their rating on the nacho blog. The only things they need to change is to have good distribution of toppings and to not have round chips. 

Nacho Blog Rating: B+