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The Barrel's Head, Rothesay, N.B.

The Barrel's Head is located on Hampton Road in Rothesay, New Brunswick and was established in 2012. The Barrel's Head is a three part establishment that contains: Peddlers Creek, Hammond River Brewing Company, and The Barrel's Head. What about their nachos? The experience in November 2018 was a special night for nachos, and we got the one with the brisket. I went again in July 2019 for veggie nachos and I must update the rating.

Barrel's Head Brisket Nachos- November 2018

Barrel's Head Nachos- July 2019

The Barrel's Head- July 2019

The Barrel's Head- July 2020

The Barrel's Head- July 2020

Distribution of Toppings

There was something for every chip on the plate as you can see from the picture. Maybe someone read my previous rating and decided to put more cheese on the chips. I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of cheese! There were no dips in July 2019 but this was ok because we had plenty of cheese and toppings. I missed the dips but I realized they were not necessary as there was a lot of flavor. In July 2020, there was also something for every chip. I will add that there were not that many pita chips so it was easy to have good distribution of toppings due to the lack of layering. 


The toppings were fresh, tender, and delicious. I liked how they had corn as one of their toppings. I know at Peddlers Creek you can have pulled pork but it is different with the Barrel's Head. I think I have to do a separate entry for Peddlers Creek even though it is in the same building and the nachos are pretty much the same.


The normal price of the nachos is $15.00. While they met expectations in regards to the distribution of toppings and the quality, we did not receive a lot of chips and this tends to make them feel overpriced. Keep in mind that we had beef on the latest nachos and I do not remember there being an extra charge for meat.


These are not enough nachos even if you decide to eat them on your own for a meal. These are best if you are sitting in Hammond River Beer Bar having some of their good beer and decide to have a snack alongside your beer. I shared these nachos and was still hungry for more.


At the Barrel's Head, I had about a mouthful left of beer and they took my beer away thinking I was done. I said as a joke "hey you took my beer." They apologized many times and gave me a free beer because they felt bad taking away my beer. Peddlers Creek/Hammond River/The Barrel's Head exceeds my expectations 90% of the time when it comes to their customer service, and even though these nachos will not be rated as high as others, I really want them to be recognized for their service.


The Barrel's Head exceeded my expectations when I visited in July 2019 and again in July 2020. I left feeling happy about the experience; but like last time, I was still hungry for more. I think they could use more pita chips and that continues to be the norm after many visits for nachos. While they have improved in terms of putting more cheese on them, I think there needs to be a few more pita chips to justify the price.

Nacho Blog Rating: B-