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Resto-Pub Q-de-Sac: Quebec City, QC

We came across Resto-Pub Q-de-Sac on a very warm September day when it was about to rain. I asked in French "could we have a table inside please" and the server answered in English "right this way." I laughed after being "Englished" yet again, and took a seat inside. I think this was more of a pizza place than a nacho place but the nachos were still good. How did they make out?

Resto-Pub Q-de-Sac Nachos - September 2023

Distribution of Toppings

Although there is no picture of bare chips left over, the distribution of toppings was not the best. There were many chips left over.


The nachos were topped with parsley, many red onions and basically had a salad on them. They were cooked in a wood-fired oven and round chips were used instead of the traditional triangular chips. The cheese was not a tex-mex style blend, and overall the nachos were not very spicy. The pile of salad on top of these nachos imparted a lot of water, which sadly resulted in soggy chips.


The size of the nachos is pretty small so it would be good for a light lunch for 2 people.


The nachos are $23. I think it is pretty pricey considering the small size, the poor distribution of toppings, and the soggy chips.


It's really hard to get on the A range on the nacho blog when the distribution of toppings is not very good. It was a small serving of nachos with not many layers of chips, so it would have been easy to have a good distribution of toppings. But hey, I think this is a pizza place and if we go back to this restaurant again, I think we should be ordering the pizza. Wow, this is the last blog review for our 2023 Quebec trip. I almost want to do a dance or something to mark the occasion!

Nacho Blog Rating: B+