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Reed's Point Pub & Grill: Kingston, New Brunswick

Reed's Point Pub & Grill is located across the road from the Kennebecasis River by the ferry at Reed's Point on the Kingston Peninsula, New Brunswick. It is the only pub on the Kennebecasis River that has a nice patio with a beautiful view of the water. I went in with low expectations because I really thought that perhaps burgers were their specialty - or at least anything but nachos. I was right when I visited in 2019, and I was right when I went again in 2021. They have a long list of burgers on their menu that I think we should try instead of getting nachos. In all fairness, they did improve in the last couple of years!

Reed's Point Pub & Grill BBQ Chicken Nachos - August 2021

Reed's Point Pub & Grill BBQ Chicken Nachos - August 2021

Distribution of Toppings

Like last time, there was something on every chip when it came to the distribution of toppings. It was a small plate and there was not much room for error, however. 


I know I do not have a lot of reviews of BBQ Chicken Nachos in this blog; however, I think I got a little spoiled with Britt's BBQ Chicken Nachos and it set the standard very high in that category. These nachos did not have a good toast factor and could have been cooked for a couple more minutes. They used round chips which do not feel as "authentic"; hand-cut tortilla chips are not round! I did appreciate the cheese blend, and the BBQ sauce did add a nice touch to the chicken.


You can get regular nachos and add chicken and beef or you could order the BBQ chicken nachos for the same prices. A small is $10.00 and a large is $13.50. We had the small and I think that plate was worth $10.00. Part of the value of this place is that you get to sit and enjoy a beautiful view, and the decor of the pub is really unique/rustic, so that must be factored in.


I said last time that these nachos were good for a snack with a beer and that is what we did this time in 2021. I thought it was good fuel for a nice bike ride back to Quispamsis. However, if you want to have these as a meal, I would order the large plate and get your own. 


The conclusion in 2019 is largely still valid: "I will probably have something different because I think that Reed's Point Pub does not specialize in nachos. Remember McDonald's pizza? Did it really make a hit? No, you go to McDonald's for the burgers and the occasional nuggets. Given this experience, the nachos were passable but not good enough to keep having."

Although the plate got bigger and they put a little more toppings on them, I stand by my passable rating of Reed's Point Pub & Grill Nachos. Though due to the cool location and the rustic vibe, and the proximity to our home, we will always come back and try them again!

Nacho Blog Rating: C