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Poley Mountain: Sussex, New Brunswick

Poley Mountain is located in Sussex, New Brunswick. It is traditionally known for its skiing, but in the past few years in the summer, there has been a chance for the adventurous mountain biker to ride a chairlift up the mountain and bike back down. In addition, you can purchase a $10 lift ticket to hike down the mountain unlimited times throughout the day with a chance to see a nice waterfall. I decided to hike down, but I did not take the trail with the waterfall. I winged it! Which is sometimes the best thing to do when you are hiking down a hill... After the others did some mountain biking and I had hiked down the hill, we decided to have some nachos - because researching for the blog is very important! 

Poley Mountain Nachos - September 2021

Poley Mountain Nachos - September 2021

Distribution of Toppings

I do not seem to have a picture with some leftover chips so that must be a good sign. There was something for every chip.


I really appreciated that there was a good toast factor on the nachos; lately it has been hard to come by. I've recently had many plates in a row where the nachos were not cooked long enough, so this was a welcome change! I liked that they had tomatoes; however, the nachos could have used more veggies (green onion, black olive, jalapeƱos), an option for meat, spice, or anything that would help make it less bland. I found the nachos to be very plain and something I could have put together pretty quickly at home. Finally, the dips that came with the nachos were too small considering the quantity. 


The nachos come to $14, which is less than average in price (in my experience) for veggie nachos in the Saint John region. I would say that $14 is a fair price considering the distribution of toppings and the quality. 


We had onion rings on the side of the nachos and that was sufficient to share with three people for a meal. 


I really appreciated the toast factor as well as the distribution of toppings, but the nachos do not stand out from the rest of the competition. I think there is some good competition in Sussex like the Mule Bar and Poley would just be forgotten next to that "giant" of the Sussex area. That review may have expired for The Mule Bar, but I have talked to family who have gone there more recently and have seen some wonderful pictures. If you are going to the Poley Mountain Restaurant, these nachos will do the trick but they won't exactly blow you away. 

Nacho Blog Rating: B-