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The Mule Bar & Grill, Sussex, N.B.

The Mule Bar & Grill is located on Winter Street in downtown, Sussex, New Brunswick. Not only can you have some good nachos, but you can also play virtual golf and throw some axes! This was one of those times where the blog entry really needed an update after 4 years away from the "Thirsty Mule". 

The Mule Bar & Grill Large Beef Nachos - May 2022

The Mule Bar & Grill Large Beef Nachos (what was left over) - May 2022

The Mule Bar & Grill Beef Nachos - October 2018

The Mule Bar Beef Nachos - October 2018

Distribution of Toppings

There was a lot to offer on the top layer; however, as you can see from the picture, there were quite a bit of chips with nothing on them on the second layer. 


The cheese was a blend of two different cheeses and it tasted better than most of the cheese I have tried on nachos. In addition, we were given a good amount of cheese on that top layer and I found it very tasty. Unlike the last visit, I thought we received a good amount of veggies and beef to go with our nachos. The chips were corn chips and were very fresh.


The price for large veggie nachos or just plain cheese nachos with one salsa and sour cream is $12. If you add chicken or beef, it is $14. The average price for veggie nachos in Saint John is $15 and The Mule Bar and Grill is killing it by having them under that price. Considering the quality, these nachos are very economical. 


I thought that we received a good amount of nachos and were full after eating them. The dips did not run out either.


Sometimes, I really write big paragraphs for my reviews and if I printed the review, maybe they would be almost the length of a chapter in a book. There are other times where I do not have much to say and our last visit to The Mule Bar & Grill is one of those times. They were good and economical nachos; but something was missing to make them obliterate the competition. It could have been the average distribution of toppings, or it could have been that there was no spice. However, I do not regret going on this road trip with the sole purpose of trying out these nachos for the first time in 4 years. I am happy to see that they have improved and their grade will be improving as well. Ironically, the conclusion is a big paragraph. 

Nacho Blog Rating: A-