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Carr's Oyster Bar: Stanley Bridge, PE

Carr's Oyster Bar is located in Stanley Bridge, Prince Edward Island (just outside of Cavendish). We decided we had time before the thunder and lightning and decided to roll the dice and bike from Cavendish to Stanley Bridge, PE. Carr's Oyster Bar has amazing prices on oysters that come in different sizes and they are delicious to boot! However, after having oysters, we decided to try their nachos because we needed the extra fuel for the bike ride back to Cavendish. Ok, so maybe it was a want more than a need. But alas, let's not get philosophical.

Carr's Oyster Bar Loaded Chicken Nachos- August 2019

Carr's Oyster Bar Loaded Chicken Nachos- August 2019

Distribution of Toppings

Before I go any further, I would like to say that as of August 2019, we have started to ask the restaurant to make the nachos a way that suits what we like. For example, we asked Carr's Oyster Bar to give us extra cheese on these nachos, but it was not an option on the menu. You need to know this in case you order them without asking for extra cheese and may be disappointed! Or...they did not listen and this amount of cheese was the norm.

In terms of the distribution of toppings, there was a lot of cheese on every chip and it was loaded with toppings. There were not too many toppings...just enough!


I liked how the nachos almost felt like a salad. It was kind of like they were saying "hey you are having something unhealthy but I got your back." The amount of cheese was perfect and I liked that they used what appeared to be old cheddar for the cheese. The chicken was tender, but I felt like I was spoiled with Shediac's freshly barbecued chicken from the last time. Thus, the chicken was not the best I've had but the best was absolutely over and above my expectations. The chips were tortilla chips but did not have a spice on them. Do I forgive them for no spice? Stay tuned.


The loaded nachos are $17 which is slightly higher than average in price for veggie nachos in Saint John. To add chicken it was $6 more which was also higher than average in price. Can I let that slide considering they excel in other parts and it is in a touristy part of Prince Edward Island? Maybe.


I had this as part of my lunch to share. Had I not had 12 oysters before having these nachos, I would have been still hungry afterwards. It is best to have with something else or maybe solo.


I like to give restaurants a break on some things if they specialize or excel in another type of food or if they are in a touristy part of the province. I think this is the time that I look at these nachos and appreciate how they had a lot of cheese, felt healthy, and we had great service and go easy on the weaknesses. Final thought: If you really want extra cheese or something done differently, ask!

Nacho Blog Rating: B