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Niche Lounge, Halifax N.S.

Niche Lounge is a sports bar on the corner of Salter and Barrington Street in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It reminds me of Saint John's Rocky's, but a little better. We went during the 2019 Memorial Cup and the place was packed full of people cheering for the Guelph team as they were taking on Rouyn on the big screen television that was next to us. I checked the menu as we were waiting to be seated and alas, there were nachos on the menu. It was then that I realized I only had one other Halifax place that was rated on the blog. Thus, it was a must-try.

Niche Nachos Grandes with Beef- May 2019

Niche Nachos Grandes with Beef- May 2019

Distribution of Toppings

There were only a few chips left over after finishing the plate of nachos; therefore, I think they did a good job giving us a large amount of toppings for every chip.


I thought they put toppings on the nachos that were unique and they were toppings that you do not see often such as banana peppers and black olives; although I am starting to see more and more black olives on nachos these days. I also liked how they had pico de gallo as one of the things to put on the nachos and there were plenty of dips for the many chips that you receive.

The tortilla chips had an oil and a spice to them which I always enjoy. I found that each bite of these nachos had so much flavor that you forgave the chef for not putting huge mountains of cheese on them. The only thing that needed improvement with the dips was the guacamole as it was very bland.


Nachos Grandes are $18.95 and to add beef, chicken, or pulled pork they are $4.95 more. Niche is in the heart of Downtown Halifax and you are given a big plate of tasty nachos. I think the value is excellent considering those two factors.


I shared this plate as a meal and I was full afterwards but not uncomfortable. I think these are good for a late night supper.


We had to wait 20 minutes to get a table at the restaurant and for a few minutes, I thought they had forgotten about us, but we got one of the best tables in front of the big screen television showing the hockey game and the waitress was very attentive; although it was during the Mastercard Memorial Cup. In addition, the atmosphere made me want to come back for more Nachos Grandes and beer.


Although there was not a lot of cheese on the nachos; they made up for it by satisfying your taste buds with all kinds of different flavors. The flavors come from the unique toppings and having oil and spice on the chips. Overall, I thought this was an excellent nacho experience and I also recommend this place if you really like sports in a good atmosphere.

Nacho Blog Rating: A-