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Smitty's Family Restaurant & Lounge, Sussex, N.B.

Smitty's Family Restaurant & Lounge is located just off the main highway in Sussex, New Brunswick. I was craving a nice pasta and they had a good deal on for some Alfredo with broccoli pasta. The second time, I almost had the buffet. However, I went for the nachos both times and had to try and try again. Just like that Aaliyah song from 2000...

Smitty's Beef Nachos - May 2017

Smitty's Chicken Nachos (bbq on the side) - July 2019

Smitty's Chicken Nachos (bbq on the side) - July 2019

Distribution of Toppings

I think that the distribution of toppings was fair the first time I went in 2017. In 2019, we were left with a lot of chips with nothing on them as only the top layer had cheese.


I like how they had two different types of cheeses and that they used corn chips instead of pita or potato like some places use. They did not have anything out of the ordinary for dips, as it was just sour cream and salsa. The visit in 2019 had bbq sauce on the side as they were supposed to be bbq chicken nachos. I was told that the bbq sauce was tangy and not very good. You know how I feel about sauce on chips. I stopped that mess before it happened! The chips did have a chili spice on them (to make up for their shortcoming with the cheese?), but spice on the chips will not be enough to redeem their previous rating.


The nachos come with beef  or chicken and they are $16.69. The average price of veggie nachos is $15.00; but considering the low quality and distribution of toppings, they are not priced fairly.


I had these nachos for a meal and I did not share the first time. Given the circumstances, I was satisfied with the amount of chips. I did share the second time and felt satisfied and not too full. Both times, it was a good quantity of chips.


Although Smitty's does not specialize in Mexican food and was not previously the top place in Sussex to have nachos; I will try something different like the buffet next time I go. The nachos in 2019 left me eager to try some better nachos as soon as possible. "Why did you not address this with the waitress?"... Is what people ask the foodie people on social media. I did give her this review but omitted the letter grade part. Therefore, they know about their strengths and weaknesses from the nacho blogger. To conclude, they need more than nice chips, because cheese that is properly distributed is essential in the art of excellent nachos.

Nacho Blog Rating: C-