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Los Chilitos, Calgary, AB

In 2017, I visited Western Canada for a week, and our last stop was Calgary, Alberta. Whenever I go on vacation, I research the top 10 nacho places in the city. In this case, I looked up Mexican restaurants in Calgary and BAM! I got Los Chilitos. Los Chilitos was established in 2009 and it is located on 17th avenue. Now, you will have to bear with me regarding the picture of the nachos because this is the only picture and it was taken with my old phone. This was before I had my photographer helping me!

Los Chilitos Macho Nachos - June 2017

Distribution of Toppings

The chips were loaded with sauces, veggies, and cheese! There was no possible way to have a chip with nothing on it.


The chips were exactly what you would get at a good restaurant in Mexico. The chips were crispy and fresh corn chips and they did not get soggy even though they were loaded with sour cream and guacamole. What surprised me was that there were no re-fried beans for the nachos at the Mexican restaurant. If you have read my reviews where sauce is involved, I have docked points for loading the nachos with sauce because 1) what if you do not like the sauce? and 2) what if the chips become soggy? Another thing to consider is the fact that maybe they are loading the nachos with sauce to compensate for a lack of cheese and I think cheese is an important part of the nachos.

In this case, the chips did not get soggy and guacamole and sour cream are my favorite ingredients. I really loved the taste of these nachos and I would go back for more if I ever go back to Calgary. They are currently re-vamping the menu, so I would be interested in going back to see what they have on their new menu (February 2019).


Macho Nachos (veggie) are $17 and if you add meat, they are $4 extra. Considering they are only a couple of dollars more than the average nachos in New Brunswick while situated in a big city, I think you get the big bang for your buck with Macho Nachos. Finally, they are worth what you pay for because of the quality of food.


I did not share back in the day when I was the only photographer lol I had these on my own and I was full afterwards. It is not a huge plate but not too small either.


The waitress we had came to our table many times to check up on us and filled our drinks very quickly. Therefore, it was very efficient and friendly service. As an add-on, I thought the decor was fun and Los Chilitos played good North American dance music. I Mexican music.


Rating nachos can be kind of tricky because different people like different things on nachos. For example, some people would like the salsa in the centre of their plate like what they do at the MIX in Saint John, while others like salsa on the side. In this case, some people would find it unoriginal to shower the nachos with guacamole and sour cream and to potentially have the cheese compensated because all you taste is sauce! In addition, where were the re-fried beans in the Mexican restaurant? Where was the Mexican music?

In my opinion, I liked them and this can be like French grammar rules where this was an exception to the rule of the sauce on the chips. I say it is an exception because the chips did not get soggy and I was able to taste everything. Like Taco Pica (the Mexican/Guatemalan restaurant in Saint John), it is not for everyone; however, in my experience, they were the best in Calgary.

Nacho Blog Rating: B+