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JJ's Diner, Sussex, N.B.

Located in the Fairway Inn in Sussex, New Brunswick, JJ's diner is a 50's and 60's style restaurant that has a little something for everyone, including nachos. JJ's Diner won the certificate of Excellence in 2017 and it is currently the #3 spot to eat in Sussex. How are the nachos?

JJ's Diner Beef Nachos-Summer 2018

JJ's Diner Beef Nachos (side view)-Summer 2018

JJ's Diner Chicken Nachos- December 2020

JJ's Diner Chicken Nachos- December 2020

Distribution of Toppings

At JJ's Diner, they really value their tomatoes. Therefore, if you really like tomatoes and veggies, they do not shy away from sprinkling them everywhere. I like that they had mushrooms on the nachos as you don't see that often on nachos. However, there were many chips left over with nothing on them when we visited in December of 2020 as you see in the photo above. "What do you do with the extra chips?" A person that was with me asked. 


The chips were circular and looked and tasted like something we could put together at home. If you are looking for the chips they have in Mexico with steak pieces, Cajun spice and all the extras, these nachos are not for you. In addition, I think that the nachos could have been left in the oven for one more minute to add more toast factor. Further, the onions were only half-cooked on the chips. 


It is hard to say because in December 2020, we were 3 sharing as a mid afternoon snack. I think the quantity was good given the circumstances. 


While I liked that they did not shy away from the veggies and that they had mushrooms which is a rare topping; JJ's diner has below average nachos. They fail in the distribution of toppings and the quality and I think I could make a better plate at home. The positive is that the atmosphere is nice in the diner and I think this is really a breakfast place. I would love to experience a nice hearty steak and eggs at JJ's diner in the coming weeks. 

Nacho Blog Rating: D+