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Amici Pub & Eatery: Quispamsis, New Brunswick

Amici Pub & Eatery is located next to KV Mexi's in Quispamsis, New Brunswick. When I went into Amici in 2020 (first time in a while), I noticed that the place had some nice renovations done and there was more seating available to accommodate the demand as I know Amici has been growing in popularity due to the word-of-mouth from the local foodies. Every time someone would ask where to go for a dine-in experience in the Quispamsis/Rothesay area, Amici was always one of the places that was mentioned. Amici also now has a nice outdoor patio and we took advantage of it in August 2022. 

Amici Beef Nachos - August 2022

Amici Beef Nachos - August 2022

Amici Beef Nachos - 2020

Distribution of Toppings

We went in during the Christmas holidays of 2020, and knowing what I did about the nachos that summer, I asked for extra cheese to save us from the possible disappointment that I had the first time. The distribution of toppings was much better this time and I think they should have this much cheese without someone asking for it because I think people would enjoy the nachos more. I think I've said this before but by asking for extra cheese instead of letting it happen naturally, I am skewing the review a bit because reviews are usually about the nachos that come without asking for extra requests. 

We also asked for extra cheese when we went in the summer of 2022 and the distribution of toppings was good. 


The chips that were used in 2022 were wheat flour tortilla chips and there was salsa spread all over them. I like that they did something a little different with the chips and it made them very tasty. However, I think the amount of salsa took away from the other tastes like the cheese, meat, and veggies. The toast factor was alright, and I did enjoy the blended cheese. I cannot say much about anything else regarding the quality because the salsa dominated all the taste. 


The nachos are $15.95 without meat. If you add beef, chicken or bacon it is $4.00 extra. The value is about average considering the distribution of toppings and the quality.


It was sufficient to share as a meal. 


The service is always very efficient at Amici. I think that while I say that we skewed the review by asking for extra cheese, they were completely open to modifying their nachos to satisfy their customers and to have repeat customers. 2020 was my first trip with my new camera and  it would have meant the photographer would be retiring. They must have saw the camera and they were like "this person is a serious blogger." Just kidding. In fact, I forgot the battery of the camera so the photographer took one more picture before retirement. 

In 2022, we got our nachos 15 minutes after placing our order. The service has continued to be friendly and efficient. 


Two problems that stood out with Amici's nachos 1) we have to ask for extra cheese every time in order to have a normal amount of cheese and 2) they put too much salsa all over the chips. If they fix these problems, they could bring up their nacho blog rating. 

Nacho Blog Rating: B+