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Pump House, Moncton, N.B.

Since 1999, Pump House Restaurant & Brewery has been serving beer and delicious food to customers in Moncton, New Brunswick. Pump House distributes beer all across Canada and you must visit this brewery and restaurant when you go to Moncton. I am not here to talk about the beer, however. I am all about the nachos.

Pump House Brisket Nachos - October 2022

Pump House Chicken Nachos - July 2018

Pump House Chicken Nachos - October 2018

Pump House Chicken Nachos - October 2018

Distribution of toppings

I had a few chips without anything on them and this was a small serving that we shared. I was impressed with the distribution of toppings in 2018; however, the distribution in 2022 was not as good. 


I am so happy that Pump House now has different options for meat other than chicken. The brisket had BBQ sauce on top of the nachos which made it a little greasy. However, the toast factor was perfect and the nachos were perfectly cooked through. There was less cheese than a normal plate of nachos, but the brisket made up for it. 


The veggie nachos are $15.00. If you want to "pump up" your nachos to add chicken or pork it is $3 extra. If you want to add brisket, it is $4 extra. These prices are fair considering the quality of the nachos. 


You always remember your first plate of nachos at a particular restaurant, and I think it's safe to say that the smaller plates of nachos are here to stay and my large plate at the same price is just a distant memory. We shared the nachos, but we also ordered oysters and wings for supper and that was sufficient. Therefore, you should order something to go along with these nachos if you're sharing for a meal.  


I love seeing nachos improve and our visit in 2022 was one of those times. I said in 2018 that they should have more options for meat, and then in 2022 they had more meat options. I could cry! Pump House has to improve their distribution of toppings, put their sauce on the side to avoid grease, and increase the quantity in order to get on the A range. 

Nacho Blog Rating: B