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Annual Awards Ceremony

Today is Saturday, and it is usually the day that I would post about some nachos I had today. This is a different day from the norm as I did not have nachos. I do think, however, that some awards are due for the nachos I have had to date:

The cheesiest nachos: The Snooty Fox nachos with the extra cheese option. Honourable mention to the Delta Mix nachos that have a lot of cheese on them already without asking for extra cheese. It is not recommended to ask for extra cheese when ordering the Snooty Fox nachos as you will have the chips swimming in the cheese. 

The tastiest guacamole: Taco Pica. You pay about $5 extra for guacamole on the side but it is worth every penny. It is authentic Guatemalan, Mexican, and Spanish cuisine, so the homemade guacamole is expected, but delicious. 

The most consistent nacho: The Snooty Fox. I have had their nachos about 20 times and they were under my expectations maybe once. As a customer for almost 20 years, I have truly enjoyed making trips to Fredericton solely for the Excellence that is the Snooty Fox nachos. 

The most underrated nacho: The MIX. When people talk about good nachos in Saint John, a variety of places get mentioned, but this is never mentioned. They are not the best in Saint John, but I would definitely go again. 

The biggest portion: Sneaky Dee's. Honourable mention to The Snooty Fox. Anyone that can have Sneaky Dee's nachos by themselves has my full nacho blogger respect!

Most Improved Nacho Award: Montana’s Saint John. Montana's used to not have high quality cheese or enough cheese or even enough toppings. As of 2019, they are second best in Saint John and there are quite a bit of places to have nachos in Saint John.

The best kettle chip nacho in New Brunswick: The Old Triangle. I did not think it was possible to have good kettle chip nachos but alas I found the Old Triangle!

The best in New Brunswick: The Snooty Fox. I cannot find anything wrong with these nachos. Where do I start? The steak pieces for beef? The Cajun spice? The amount of cheese without having to order extra?

The best in Canada: Sneaky Dee’s. It is like Taco Pica and The Snooty Fox chefs decided to work together to make this epic nacho. There is a large portion with steak pieces, lots of cheese, and refried beans.

The best in the world: La Parilla in Mexico. These have not been rated in the blog because I do not have a good picture of them. Just think Sneaky Dee's with the authentic feel. Well, that's just that. I will have to go to Mexico to get the picture!! Take my word for it! However, I also have not had them since 2006 and they probably hired a new chef since then. Therefore, the best in the world is probably up for grabs!