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Lock, Stock & Barrels, Saint John, N.B.

You know you are talking to a "local" when they talk about the location of the Lock, Stock, & Barrels. They would say "it is where the Portland Pub used to be." If you are not a local, Lock, Stock & Barrels is located around the Landsdowne Plaza in the North end of Saint John, New Brunswick. I will begin my review with the statement that this pub probably specializes in steak, wings and beer and not nachos.

True that. I went again two years later in 2020 and I stand by my statement. It's tough because people really like these nachos and I cannot understand it. That's why different opinions make the world a beautiful and interesting place. 

Lock Stock and Barrels Chicken Nachos - 2020

Lock Stock and Barrels Chicken Nachos - 2020

Lock Stock and Barrels Beef Nachos - 2018

Distribution of Toppings

That is one beautiful top layer, isn't it? The picture makes those nachos look more delicious than what they really were, unfortunately. As I said with a few places, the "makeup came off" and I was left with a lot of chips and loose toppings at the end. 


The top layer was pretty tasty and I liked how they mixed cheddar and mozzarella cheese. I also liked how they used tortilla chips instead of potato or pita like other places do. When I went in 2020, only half the nachos were cooked. The top layer was properly toasted but the next layer was cheese that was not melted and there was just toppings everywhere.

I told someone that I had to give a bad review and he said "why did you not send them back?" There are two reasons: I was late getting back to work from my lunch break, and also I think the review should be based on the food as presented. If they had to re-do the nachos to my liking, I would not have the authentic experience. I just don't like the idea of sending the food back.


I had them for lunch and it was sufficient as a meal.


They failed in the distribution of toppings and did not properly toast everything, so the nachos did not meet expectations. The experience is like going on a first date with a very good-looking person and then the person talks and you're like "whoa" (in a bad way). On the surface, the nachos appeared great, but most of the experience was lacking.

Nacho Blog Rating: D+