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Utopia Cafe & Grill, Toronto, Ontario

Established in 1995, Utopia Cafe & Grill has been serving homemade food in a casual atmosphere. When I was planning my trip to Toronto, I researched the top nachos in the city and this one came up in another blog. Therefore, I was pretty sure I would be satisfied with my choice and I was both satisfied with the nachos and with the people I went there with!

Utopia Steak Nachos- May 2018

Utopia Steak Nachos- May 2018
Distribution of Toppings

By toppings, I mean cheese and steak. There were no veggies on these nachos (except jalapeƱos) but there was plenty of cheese. Keep in mind that we did not ask for extra cheese. I see in the menu that there was a veggie sauce, but I must have asked for no sauce on the chips as it is something I would probably do. Therefore, it also trumps my theory about nachos that come with sauce.


There were large tender steak pieces on the nachos and there were two different types of cheese in abundance. The chips were tortilla chips and they were fresh and crispy.


The nachos in downtown Toronto are $14 for veggie and add $6 extra for Triple 'A' Sirloin. Therefore, they are priced like New Brunswick nachos but they are in downtown Toronto. In addition, keep in mind the quality and quantity of Utopia's nachos along with the price. I think this is a great bang for your buck!


The waiter was very attentive and always made sure we had beer. I thought he was pretty friendly as well.


These nachos were shared and I was very full afterwards. I think this is a really good serving at a great price.


At this point, are they better than the Snooty Fox in Fredericton? They are not because the Snooty Fox has veggies and the special spice on the chips. Thus, the only thing I would dock on them is that there should have been spice on the chips and veggies.  However, you will be far from disappointed when you visit Utopia Bar & Grill.

Nacho Blog Rating: A