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3 Mile Steak & Rib House, Saint John, N.B.

The 3 Mile Steak & Rib House is located on the East side of Saint John, New Brunswick in the core of all the malls and plazas. On their website, they talk about their steak and their "best wings in the city," as well as how they have our local Moosehead beer; however, I see nothing about their nachos. The 3 Mile was also the place to go for dancing on a Saturday night in the 00's, where I have some fond memories of dancing to old school and new school songs in the different bars that make up this place. Now, let's get to the nachos.

3 Mile Beef Nachos- February 2018

3 Mile Beef Nachos- February 2018
Distribution of Toppings

What you are seeing in these pictures (and I apologize for the quality because this was before I had my dedicated photographer) are nachos with only a top layer. I had cheese and toppings on the top layer, and then a bunch of chips left over afterwards. Therefore, The 3 Mile did not have good distribution of cheese, veggies, and ground beef. I guess there was supposed to be veggies and you see a hint of them on the side. Thus, I had to rely on the dips to get me through these nachos.


I liked that they used two different types of cheeses and I did like the 3-4 chips that I had with the cheese on them. The beef was dry and the dips were pretty generic and should be bigger given the amount of chips that you have left over afterwards.


The 3 Mile Nachos are $15, but if you add guacamole they are $1.25 extra. Thus, it appears that we get beef nachos for the price of veggie nachos and $1.25 for guacamole is pretty cheap whereas some places make it 3-4$ more for guacamole and other dips. While the nachos are cheaper than average, I felt that they were a sunk cost due to the lack of quality and distribution of toppings. Note that I have not returned to take a better picture because I do not want to pay $15 for them.


I ate these alone and I was full after having them. I thought the size was very fair.


I tend to rate nachos low for 1) lack of cheese or 2) lack of cheese distribution. I think that the cheese is the make or break of nachos, and you have to layer it and have a good quantity of cheese. I guess there was supposed to be peppers, tomatoes, and onions, but I just see a hint of tomato on the side. If you love veggies and cheese, you will be disappointed. The service was also poor which took away from the experience. I might return to The 3 Mile Steak & Rib House because them saying their wings are the best in Saint John is a challenge. Maybe not. At least I have good memories of the 00's dancing days.

Update: They closed a week after I posted this review.....

Nacho Blog Rating: D-