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Irving Big Stop Restaurant, Salisbury, N.B.

With 5 locations in New Brunswick, the Irving Big Stop is the place to go for travelers at a competitive price. If you are going to the Big Stop Restaurant, there are many items to choose from on the menu and, at the Salisbury location, they offer Barbecue Chicken Nachos. I went there with the intention of having a steak because their steaks are amazing and at a good price; however, I was reeled in when I saw nachos on the menu.

Irving Big Stop BBQ Chicken Nachos, Salisbury location, December 2018

Irving Big Stop BBQ Chicken Nachos, Salisbury location, December 2018
Distribution of Toppings

I would say that the distribution of toppings for these nachos was average. They really liked putting a lot of cheese, chicken, and veggies in the centre, but forgot about the chips on the outside. Thus, they needed to spread it out and/or include more toppings.


The pieces of chicken were very big and tender to the point where they may have been under-cooked. I think they needed to be smaller and to be cooked just a little bit more. I like how Irving used two different types of cheeses and the chips were fresh and crispy. I would like to note that there was barbecue sauce on the nachos which I generally do not like and did not really like. However, it was not like Ryan Duffy's where the chips were drowning in it. In addition, I did not ask to have the sauce taken off and I knew what I was getting myself into when it was listed as "BBQ chicken nachos." Thus, I will not say the quality of the chips suffered because I ordered BBQ Chicken Nachos, I knew I was getting BBQ, and I prefer nachos without sauce.


I think the BBQ chicken nachos were $14.99. I cannot confirm because the prices are not on the online menu. However, that number is in my head and I tried to remember it for the blog. This is the average price for veggie nachos so they are economical.


They were small for sharing, but I was so full from Christmas meals that it was okay to have this quantity. I was full after sharing this plate.


I think I will go back to ordering the steak when I visit the Irving Big Stop when we drive by Salisbury. The steak is so cheap yet delicious and service is very efficient. Regarding the Barbecue Chicken Nachos, the very tender and large chicken pieces as well as the average distribution of toppings makes them average overall. Therefore, they are passable, but probably forgettable.

Nacho Blog Rating: C+