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Grannan's Seafood and Grill, Saint John, N.B.

Since 1983 Grannan's has been serving seafood and grill to locals and tourists. Located in Market Square in the downtown core, if you sit outside in the summer, you will have a great view of some local music or bands that come to Saint John to play. After the Seadogs lost to Moncton in what seemed like a flashback to the 2005/2006 season, we decided to do research for the nacho blog.
You must notice that it is not often that I have a new blog entry on a place in Saint John because I am pessimistic about what there is left to rate. I feel that if I go to a new place, based on my past experience where the picture did not take or word of mouth, that I will be disappointed. Grannan's was one of those places that I went into it with low expectations because I had their nachos in 2013, was unimpressed, and the bad impression stayed with me. However, I think I should get over what happened so long in the past. Or maybe the first impression was the accurate impression? Let's see:

Grannan's Pita Nachos with Beef - February 2020

Grannan's Pita Nachos with Beef- February 2020
Distribution of Toppings

There was a good amount of cheese and we did not ask the waitress for extra cheese which satisfies me in that sense. There was also toppings on every chip and therefore, it was effectively layered.


I was going to put this in the distribution of toppings but I decided to put it here: we asked for beef and there was not a lot of beef on the nachos. I remember maybe eating two pieces of beef in my whole experience that night. I liked how they had a mixture of cheese and all the toppings were fresh. I prefer corn chips but the pita chips were also tasty.


The pita nachos are $15 without anything extra which is the average price of veggie nachos. If you add beef, they are $5.00, jalapenos $1.00 and salsa and sour cream the nachos are $3.00. When you consider the quality and the distribution of toppings, the nachos were over-priced.


It was a late night snack after a hockey game and we had oysters to go along with them. I think it was a good amount that was shared considering those circumstances.


I am glad that we went to Grannan's for the purpose of research for the nacho blog. While they were pretty good, they were over-priced and I would definitely not order beef to go along with them because of that. They are not the worst nachos in the city, but I have had better.

Nacho Blog Rating: C+