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Archibald Micro & Resto: Quebec City, QC

I was not lying when I said I had a big backlog of reviews! I am writing this review in December about nachos that I had in September. At least it's in the same calendar year! There are six different Archibald locations in Quebec: Lac-Beauport, Sainte-Foy, Aéroport de Montréal, Trois-Rivières, Blainville, and Cartier Petit Champlain (the one featured here). This place had a look that made me think "These guys must have good nachos." It makes me think of that Shania Twain lyric "So you got the looks but have you got the touch?"

Archibald Micro & Resto Veggie Nachos: September 2023

Archibald Micro & Resto Veggie Nachos (what was left over): September 2023

Distribution of Toppings

It's usually not a good thing when I have a picture of what was left over. You can see the heartbreak that is bare chips on the tray. I would say that the distribution of toppings was alright but not great, hence the picture.


I always love a good triangular corn chip. In addition, there was a lot of cheese on the chips, and an excellent toast factor. There was quite a bit of sauce on the chips, but the chips did not get soggy! I am always wary of sauce because I'm afraid of the potential of a soggy chip but these were great. If you have been reading the blog, we usually get beef nachos; however, there was only a veggie option available. The jalapeños on these nachos were not very spicy, but they were tasty. I did like that there were green onions on them. The nachos came with a salsa only with no other options for dips. 


This was sufficient to share for lunch. 


The full nachos were $21. If you order a half portion, it is $14. No need for a big paragraph with different pricing for different options - their pricing is very simple due to lack of options. I would say the value was average considering the distribution of toppings and the quality. Part of the value consideration is that this restaurant is in a very touristy area of old Quebec City. 


The decor and comfy seats made us feel very cozy, despite the large size of this restaurant. The server spoke only French to us (which I loved!), and that gave me a warm fuzzy feeling for the whole experience. These are decent quality nachos but they need to improve their distribution of toppings to get on the A scale of the Nacho Blog.

Nacho Blog Rating: B