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The Ship's Company Pub & Galley: Cavendish, Prince Edward Island

The Ship's Company is located in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island, in the heart of all the tourist attractions. In  Cavendish there are about 4 different places where you can play mini-golf, and there is also a roller coaster that looks like the roller coaster that was in Crystal Palace in Moncton, N.B. If you were ever wondering where that roller coaster went, I think it went to Cavendish. We biked to the Ship's Company and got a nice seat outside where we discovered that they in fact, served nachos.

The Ship's Company Chicken Nachos - August 2019

The Ship's Company Chicken Nachos - August 2019

Distribution of Toppings

I am a little out of sequence in my blog entries for my vacation, but this was the first time where we asked the waitress for something that was not offered on the menu: extra cheese. Did they ever deliver on the extra cheese! There was something for every chip, plenty of chicken, and plenty of dips in case the unthinkable happened: a chip without cheese.


I love extra cheese, but I also love it when they mix two different types of cheeses to give a recipe of excellence. I really liked how we had five different dips for our nachos. They really catered to what we really wanted in addition to what was offered 1) extra cheese 2) hot sauce and 3) guacamole. You will see that these are not tortilla chips as they are kettle chips. I think they really gave The Old Triangle from Moncton a run for its money in the quality department. However, if you really like vegetables, you may be disappointed.


I do not have the receipt and they do not have their price online. I think they cost around $18 but what I know for sure was that the guacamole was only $1 extra! I think only $1 for guacamole is a really good value and under $20 for these nachos is a good value.


I shared the plate of nachos and I was full afterwards. I thought it was a good amount of nachos.


If The Ship's Company Pub & Galley had steak pieces to put on their nachos, I'd say that they would have given The Old Triangle some good competition. While I truly enjoyed these nachos and they were my favorite while on vacation, I wonder what could have been had we not asked for extra cheese? Would that have been the make or break? It still shows great service because they are willing to suit the nachos to what we want.

Nacho Blog Rating: A-