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Yousaf's Nachos

It has been too long since I have posted a new entry of homemade nachos to the blog. I really enjoy when someone puts all their heart into making us a delicious tray of nachos. I love seeing what they come up with to put their own personal spin on nachos. Yousaf is a friend who grew up in Ontario, then moved to New Brunswick, and he is ready to tackle some beautiful hiking trails that our lovely province has to offer. He makes an excellent curry, and one day he decided to make us some Indian fusion Nachos. 

Yousaf's Nachos - September 2023

Yousaf's Nachos - September 2023

Yousaf decided to use Scoops chips so that all the ingredients would stay in place on each chip. He made sure there was never a dull moment - every bite was full of flavor. There was a coriander chutney, curry yogurt sauce, and the beef was well-seasoned. He used mozzarella cheese which worked well on these nachos. As you can see from the pictures, these had a pico de gallo style topping, with plenty of diced tomatoes and onions along with fresh chopped coriander leaves. Everything was distributed perfectly so that each chip delivered a consistent nacho experience. No bare chips here! The toast factor was done well, amping up the flavours even further.

Yousaf really put a lot of thought and effort into this tray of nachos and I really hope that we can have his Indian Nachos again soon!

Nacho Blog Rating: A+