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Boston Pizza, Saint John, N.B.

There are 348 Boston Pizza restaurants in Canada and over 40 in the United States and Mexico. The Boston Pizza I have been visiting is the one in Saint John, New Brunswick. When you think of Boston Pizza's food, you might think of their pizza, or maybe the pasta. However, they do have good nachos as well.

Boston Pizza Spicy Chicken Nachos - January 2023

Boston Pizza Spicy Chicken (what was left over) - January 2023

Boston Pizza Beef Nachos - May 2021

Boston Pizza Spicy Chicken - Full Size - February 2021

Boston Pizza Spicy Chicken - Full Size - February 2021

Boston Pizza Spicy Chicken - Full Size - June 2020

Boston Pizza Beef Nachos - Full Size - 2020

Boston Pizza Beef Nachos - Full Size - 2020 (some chips left without cheese)

Boston Pizza Spicy Chicken - Full Size - September 2019

Boston Pizza Spicy Chicken - Full Size - June 2019

Boston Pizza Classic Spicy Chicken Nachos - Small Size - March 2019

What was left over after the "good stuff" was gone - March 2019

Boston Pizza Beef Classic - Small Size - April 2017

Distribution of Toppings

The nachos look very promising in the "before" picture. However, there were a lot of plain chips left over at the end during our January 2023 visit. I thought they were improving in this aspect but it looks like they are back to not layering their nachos. 


The vegetables and meat tasted fresh and the cheese was nicely melted and delicious. If you are getting Boston Pizza nachos, I would recommend the spicy chicken over the beef because the beef is pretty plain, just the ground beef you would get on a pizza. I think they should use either a taco spiced ground beef, or traditional beef (steak) to go on their nachos. 


The starter size is $16.49 and the large plate is $20.79 including meat, salsa and sour cream. If you want to add guacamole it is $3.99 extra. If you consider $15 is the average price of veggie nachos, it was $5 for the meat. There was plenty of dip to go with the chips as well. Since the distribution of toppings is not as good anymore and there are not as many chips with cheese on them, the value of these nachos has gone down. 


The appetizer size will fill one person for a meal. The large size is enough to have as an appetizer for 3-5 people but good for 2 people if it is to be shared as a meal. I received three big dips that were sufficient for my appetizer-sized nachos as well as my regular-sized nachos.


Boston Pizza has maintained its quality of toppings and large quantities. I will have to drop the rating because of the drop in quality (distribution of toppings). I am hoping to go back to Boston Pizza sometime this year to get another good sample of nachos, but the visit in January 2023 was a disappointment. 

Nacho Blog Rating: B+