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Vito's Rothesay, N.B.

Vito's opened its doors in Saint John, N.B. in 1972 and was founded by four Greek brothers: Costa, Peter, Nick, and Demetri. Vito's prides itself on its customer service, pizza, and pasta. There are three locations in the Saint John area: Saint John uptown, Saint John East, and Rothesay. I was told to try the ones in Rothesay because they changed their chips, and plus I did not have a picture of them!

Vito's Chicken Nachos (9")- October 2018

I like writing up the review right away so that I remember all the details. For that reason, that is why I feel it is unfair to rate nachos I had greater than 2 years ago. I was pushing it with 1.5 years ago with the Boston Pizza nacho review that I did. I will just have to try more nachos again! No problema.


I knew in advance that they would be putting salsa on the chips as well as having salsa on the side. When they put salsa on the chips, it made the chips soggy. In addition, the chicken was very dry and there was a hair on two of my nacho chips. Further, the cheese was one type of cheese (mozza) and was not fully melted. 

Distribution of Toppings

A good attribute to these nachos is that there were plenty of toppings and cheese. I did not have one chip without anything on it. At the very least, it was covered in salsa. There was also a poor ratio of nacho chips and toppings (not enough chips).


The chicken nachos come in two sizes: 9" and 12". You can have veggie nachos where they would put meat sauce on it for $12.50 or you can have the chicken nachos with salsa on them for $14.50. Now, the menu says $13.50, but I think they charged me $1.00 for my extra sour cream. The value of these nachos could turn into a philosophy paper because it all depends on your definition of value. Yes, their chicken nachos are cheaper than the average price of veggie nachos, but is the quality worth $14.50? These nachos are more expensive than the Vegas nachos and I think Vegas had better nachos.


I do not have the after picture that I took, but take my word for it that I took a picture of all the toppings that were left over after I ate all the chips. I was full afterwards just eating a 9" by myself. However, I think I was more full from toppings than actual chips.


Vito's has excellent wings at a great price. Vito's also has great pizza! The customer service I received when I had the nachos today was fantastic. The waitress named Anna came to check on me about 5 times and was very prompt at bringing me my sour cream, nachos, and beer. If you are going to Vito's, I would focus on what is positive like their wings, pizza, and good service. To conclude, they have a lot of work to do on their nachos due to the lack of cheese blend and insufficient quantity of chips used.

Nacho Blog Rating: D-