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Taco Boyz: Saint John, New Brunswick

Taco Boyz has a few locations in New Brunswick, PEI, and one location in Ontario. When Taco Boyz first opened in Saint John there would always be a super long line to wait for your food with all the people looking to check out the new place (as usual with new restaurants!). When we went for lunch in January 2024, we were served almost right away and we were able to get a table to sit down and eat our nachos. I am very open to ideas for places to try in Saint John as I feel like I've had almost all the nachos here. Taco Boyz was a recommendation from a couple of friends and I could not pass up an opportunity to try a new place in Saint John and see what the hype was about. 

Taco Boyz Steak Nachos - January 2024

Distribution of Toppings

The distribution of toppings was not very good; there were some bare chips left over afterwards.


One thing that really stood out about these nachos was that the chips were very salty. They were so salty it took away from the taste. The queso was more creamy than cheesy. It reminded us of queso they serve in some places we visited in Maine. There were some good spicy sauce options which you can get on the side. It was still pretty tasty and I loved how we could get steak on the nachos. The nachos did not have a toast factor at all, probably due to how they get rushed through the oven, and I would recommend you get extra cheese on them if you're a cheese lover. You get to choose all your toppings just like Subway - the nacho artist puts everything together in front of you and then heats it up in a little oven. We wished they could have left ours in a bit longer though!


The large nachos were $10.95 which is the base price which includes the nachos and cheese, sauce, salsa and two hot sauces, then it is $3.79 to add meat, $1.49 for guacamole, $2.99 for extra queso, and $1.49 per additional extra if you want extra cheese and other sauces. The value is decent considering the quality and ability to customize the nachos.


The person who served us was sick at work and it was kind of gross. 


It was sufficient to share for lunch.


The nacho experience at Taco Boyz was similar to Match Factory  in Hampton (which is no longer there) in that you make your own nachos with the toppings that you like. When you make your own nachos instead of picking them and being served to you, there is a different standard in the nacho blog rating. You get everything you wanted versus someone giving you what they think is their best nacho. At Taco Boyz, we needed more cheese, the chips were too salty, the queso was more creamy than cheesy, and the person who served us was sick at work. The nachos still tasted good, but I think they probably serve better burritos than nachos.

Nacho Blog Rating: B