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James Joyce Pub: Fredericton, New Brunswick

The James Joyce Pub is the hotel bar at the Beaverbrook Crowne Plaza Hotel in Fredericton, NB. It has undergone recent renovations and now features a cozy fireplace, which we enjoyed sitting in front of after a rainy day walking around downtown Fredericton.

James Joyce Pub Pulled Pork - April 2021
James Joyce Pub Pulled Pork - April 2021

Distribution of Toppings

As you can see from the pictures, the pork was simply placed on top of the nachos and cheese, which is to be expected. No salsa or sour cream was provided with the nachos, but we made do by scooping up bits of the pulled pork and sauce with some of the chips that were left underneath. Nevertheless, we still consider this to be poor distribution of toppings - all chips should be treated equally. 


The pork and BBQ sauce was a tasty addition to these nachos. The toppings were kept pretty simple, with just some green onion added in addition to the pulled pork, leaving these nachos with a distinct BBQ feel. The house-fried chips were excellent quality, great for scooping up those toppings, and the toast factor was present!


The pulled pork nachos were $18, and chicken nachos were available for the same price. Veggie nachos were $14. Extra salsa or sour cream was $1. We thought it was a good value!


We had these nachos as a "nighttime snack", and we were definitely satisfied with the amount we got. They would be a large meal for one person, or a small meal to share between two hungry people.


We ended up here at the end of our night due to the "craftcation" promotional deal put on by the hotel, where we we received a gift certificate for the James Joyce pub along with $50 in downtown Fredericton restaurant/bar gift certificates. This ended up being a nice cozy end to our day of shopping and touring around downtown! We love staying at the Beaverbrook Hotel, and have previously had nachos at the hotel restaurant Maxwell's (closed at the time we last visited). These nachos are comparable what we had before in that the distribution is still lacking (many chips underneath with nothing on them).

Nacho Blog Rating: B-