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Maxwell's Restaurant & Bar: Fredericton, New Brunswick

Maxwell's Restaurant & Bar is located in the heart of downtown Fredericton, New Brunswick inside the Beaverbrook Crowne Plaza hotel. When I say downtown Fredericton, I mean the "South Side", which has the universities and colleges as well as The Snooty Fox (The Excellence). I noticed that previously we did not have a lot of representation on this blog when it comes to Fredericton. My Fredericton pictures of nachos consisted of a lot of Snooty Fox Beef Nachos (with steak pieces for beef!). When visiting another area and having the intention to have nachos, it comes to a point where you are making a choice between: 1) why question a good thing? or 2) maybe there is better out there. On our trip, we opted for #2 this time. Did we make the right call?

Maxwell's Chicken Nachos - September 2019

Maxwell's Chicken Nachos - September 2019
Distribution of Toppings

The distribution of toppings was lacking when we had Maxwell's nachos on a hot afternoon in late September. The top looks promising, but there were a lot of chips left without toppings, especially cheese. Do not be fooled with the picture! The makeup came off! Now, it seems that they know that this may happen as they loaded the chips with chili spice - to compensate for when you're left with chips with no toppings.


When the waitress put the plate down in front of us, I really had high hopes that these nachos would surpass The Snooty Fox. The reason why I thought this was because the presentation was on par with The Snooty Fox. However, the chicken was bland and the chips were so loaded in spice that I could not taste the other toppings. They had no dips ; therefore, they sprinkled the sour cream and salsa into the chips. I might sound like a broken record, but I never agreed with sauce in the chips. BUT it states in the menu that this is what they were doing so there was a chance to not have one of those sauces if you do not like salsa or sour cream. I also liked how they had tortilla chips.


The nachos are $13 without meat. If you want to add chicken or pulled pork, they are $3.50 extra. I think that on paper, the nachos are less than the average price and a good value for downtown Fredericton. However, the quality and distribution of toppings do not justify the price.


I shared these for lunch and I was satisfied with the quantity.


The waitress was very friendly and efficient.


While the quantity was satisfactory, the quality and distribution of toppings were lacking. One thing that really stood out was that there was too much spice. Thus, they really really need to tone down the spice. They also need to get rid of the hornets flying around outside. Just kidding. Hornets are inevitable.

Nacho Blog Rating: D+