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Cannon's Cross Pub: Fredericton, New Brunswick

Cannon's Cross is located in Fredericton's North Side, not far from the walking bridge and the happening South Side of Fredericton. It used to be that the owner of  The Snooty Fox also owned Cannon's Cross; however it was sold about three years ago. We were told that the owner of Cannon's Cross also owns Rustico and Cora's. I had always liked going to Cannon's Cross knowing that there was a bit of a Snooty Fox influence. It was long overdue for a review of their nachos, and time to see if things had changed over time. 

Cannon's Cross Beef Nachos - April 2021

Cannon's Cross Beef Nachos - April 2021

 Distribution of Toppings

There are no pictures of the chips left over so you know that there was something for every chip. There was about 50% chips and 50% toppings which was the perfect distribution. Maybe I'll say 60% chips and then 40% toppings. 60 + 40= 100% points in this section. 


I think you could tell from my intro that although the owner does not own the Snooty Fox, I still feel inclined to say that there is still an influence of "the Excellence" in this restaurant. The only difference is that Cannon's Cross used ground beef instead of steak pieces and that there was no cajun spice. That is not a surprise as, from what I can remember over the years, Cannon's Cross was never about the spice on the chips. I love that there were a lot of jalapeƱos. Ever since we tried the St. Louis Bar & Grill, we really got to like their idea of chopping up the jalapeƱos, and we hope it catches on with other places. 


Cannon's Nachos are $15. If you add chicken, beef, chili, or pulled pork, it is $5 extra. If you add extra cheese, it is $2 extra. If you add feta cheese, it is $2 extra. If you add green peppers, black olives, or dill pickles, it is $1 extra each. I really like the variety that you can have with these nachos and I think it is a fair value for what you receive.


They are probably about the same size as the Snooty Fox  nachos which is a satisfying quantity if shared for a meal. 


Imagine it is your birthday, and you are looking to have a chocolate ice cream cake from the Dairy Queen, but then you receive a vanilla pound cake. That is the experience of the Cannon's Cross Nachos. It meets all the requirements for a good nacho and some of the same elements of excellent nachos, but is missing the magic from what makes an excellent nacho. If I can have steak nachos with cajun spice across the water, instead of plain ground beef nachos with everything else pretty much being equal, I am going to do it. 

Nacho Blog Rating: B+