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Buccaneer's Pub: Saint John, New Brunswick

The Buccaneer's Pub is Saint John's oldest pub, and it is located on the west side of the city, close to Moosehead Breweries and Simms' Corner. The Buccaneer's Pub is known for its reasonably priced food and craft beer, and it was time I rated a new place in Saint John for the first time in a while.

Buccaneer's Chicken Nachos - October 2019

Buccaneer's Chicken Nachos - October 2019

Distribution of Toppings

All the toppings and cheese were fairly distributed on the pita nacho chips. Keep in mind, however, that there were not a lot of layers on the nachos so it would have been hard to mess up the distribution of toppings. In addition, some of the outside chips were missing some veggies and chicken.


The pita chips were fresh and I liked how there were two different types of cheese mixed on them. However, there was not enough dip for the chips and the chicken was just alright. I feel like I was spoiled with that chicken from the Moque Tortue - in my mind, they really set the standard for chicken on nachos.


The nachos are $12.95 and if you add chicken, they are $5.50 extra, and if you add beef, they are $3.95 extra. While I think that the price of the nachos is fair without meat, I think the chicken is overpriced if you are considering the quality of the chicken.


I had this shared as a meal, but I also had wings to go along with the nachos. I think you need another appetizer to go along with the nachos if you are having it shared as a meal.


Sometimes when I am thinking of the rating of a type of nacho, I reflect on what I said about other nachos of that kind. In other words, when I think of The Buccaneer's Chicken Pita Nachos, I also think of The Barrel's Head Pita Nachos. The amount of cheese and pita chips were the same; however, I think the Barrel's Head is slightly better than this. I am taking points off for the whole aspect of the chicken and a little bit regarding the distribution of toppings.

Nacho Blog Rating: B-