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Rodd Brudenell River/Club 19, Brudenell, PEI

The Rodd Brudenell Resort is located in Eastern Prince Edward Island, which is a 30 minute drive from its capital, Charlottetown. Eastern PEI is very underrated and is a must-visit as you can see wineries, have delicious seafood (especially lobster), visit historical sites, and play golf on some of the best golf courses in the Maritimes. Located next to the Brudenell Resort, is the Club 19 which offers food for all meals. We ate there a few times and all of the meals exceeded our expectations. Of course we had nachos, not once but twice while we were there for our 5 day stay.

Club 19 Bacon Nachos- June 2019

Club 19 Bacon Nachos- June 2019

Club 19 Chicken Nachos- June 2019

Club 19 Chicken Nachos- June 2019

Distribution of Toppings

I think people who love lots of cheese may be disappointed, but I was not. I thought that both times the nachos had plenty of vegetables and I think this made up for not having mountains of cheese. In terms of the bacon nachos, I thought there could have been more, but there was a good amount of chicken for the chicken nachos. A detail I want to add in here is that we were not offered to have chicken added the first time with the bacon nachos. The first time, we got bacon and we had to suck it up! Thus, if you really really like vegetables, you will not be disappointed in the distribution.


I like to consider a few things when I consider the quality and a couple of things are the type of restaurant and the location. This is a restaurant at a golf resort in Eastern PEI. Eastern PEI specializes in oysters, mussels, lobster, scallops, you get the hint. Maybe if this were a lobster blog as well, I would be tougher on them versus nachos. The chips were fresh and crispy, the vegetables were tasty and they had the correct mixture of cheese. I do have to note, however, that the chicken was a little on the dry side. Overall, I think the quality is fair. I was not absolutely blown away but I think that is ok.


The loaded nachos with bacon are $16.25 and if you add guacamole, they are $2.00 extra. I do not remember if there was an extra charge for the chicken when we had the chicken nachos. In addition, there was no extra charge for the salsa and sour cream that we were given. I have had poor nachos for $10.00 and the average price for veggie nachos is $15.00. Well...these nachos really hit the spot and I think the price is fair considering the quality and distribution of toppings.


I shared them the first time and had them by myself the second time. Both times I was satisfied with the quantity. I was never uncomfortably full and I think it was a good size.


Quality food and quality service. I think the waitress went above and beyond and played along with my jokes. For example, she wished me good luck in my tennis match (because I asked her to wish me good luck) that was taking place after the meal. The food came in a timely manner as well and they checked up on us a good amount of times to see if we wanted refills or any more food.


Let's conclude with my actions for this situation: I was in an area that specialized in seafood and had the same nachos twice. These are no Snooty Fox nor Sneaky Dee's nor even The Old Triangle. However, when I go back, I will have their nachos again and take it all in.

Nacho Blog Rating: A-