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The Tipsy Monkey: Holetown, Barbados

When I was getting ready to go to Barbados, I was preparing myself for the idea that we wouldn't find any nachos there. I was resigned to the fact that I would be eating seafood and chicken the whole time. After having a nice supper on a Sunday night, we decided to venture into Holetown to check out the Sunday night karaoke that takes place on 1st Street. We were a little early to karaoke so we decided to step into this sports bar. The air conditioning provided immediate relief to the sweltering heat! We looked at the menu, and could not believe they had nachos. Even though we were still digesting our supper, there is always room for nachos. I could not pass up the opportunity to put Barbados on the blog.

The Tipsy Monkey Beef Chili Nachos - March 2024

Distribution of Toppings

Distribution of toppings was great, however we could have used more chips! When the chips were gone, we were left with a lot of toppings so out came the forks.


This was a spicy plate of nachos and the beef chili had a great taste. The corn chips were fresh and crispy but they got a little soggy with the oily chili all over them. The cheese was tasty, but they just used a single type rather than the traditional blend. There were lots of good veggies on the nachos - tomato and red onion is always delicious on nachos.


It was sufficient to share as a snack. It would be quite small if you were sharing this for a meal.


There are 4 different plates of nachos you can get at this sports bar: plain, beef chili, pork, and chicken. Our beef chili nachos came to $36 Barbadian Dollars which would be $24.32 CAD in March 2024. I think the value is fair considering we were in a touristy area of Barbados, and the taste was pretty good. 


Later on that week, I went to the Boat Yard where they had nachos in the menu but they were not available. Alas, I almost had 2 nacho experiences on our trip. We told the server about our blog so I am hoping there will be some readers from Barbados now! I highly recommend Barbados if you're looking for an escape to a tropical paradise. I was so glad to come across these nachos on our trip. I was able to have arguably my favorite food in a beautiful place in the Caribbean. Check them out if you're ever in Holetown!

Nacho Blog Rating: B+