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3 Amigos: Montréal, Québec

The 3 Amigos is a franchise restaurant that has 8 locations in the Montreal area: Latin Quarter, West Island, Old Montreal, Terrebonne, Laval, Boucherville, Brossard, and Centre-Ville. More information about 3 Amigos can be found here. We were on our way to Barbados and stopped in Montreal for a layover, and we thought there would be no nacho opportunities in Barbados so we made sure to get some before heading down south. 

3 Amigos Ground Beef Nachos - March 2024

Distribution of Toppings

We did have some bare chips left over afterwards but we also had loose toppings on the tray, so we just scooped those up with the chips. This means there was a decent chip-to-topping ratio but just a bit of a distribution/topping adhesion problem.


We had plenty of toppings along with a some pico and sour cream on top. The toast factor was basically a zero, but the nachos were well-cooked. I like that they had two different types of cheese blended together. The salsa & sour cream was on the chips which is risky business due to risk of sogginess, but at least it was not too much salsa and did not ruin the texture or taste. I always say, they should serve the dips on the side because some people like certain dips more than others. The guacamole was also very tasty. 


This was sufficient to share for a meal.


The nachos are $14.95. If you add beef, it is $4.50 extra. If you add guacamole, it is $4.00 extra. The value is very good considering the quality and that it is in Montreal. We cannot get something like this at this price in Saint John.  I always like the complimentary little bowl of warmed corn chips while we're waiting for the nachos, and this is one of those places that provides these.


I love going to the Latin Quarter each time I go to Montreal. I hope to visit again in 2024, so stay tuned for some more entries from Montreal in the near future. Although the distribution of toppings was not bang-on, they had good quality, quantity, and value. Overall, these nachos were really good. 

Nacho Blog Rating: A-