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Sir Winston Churchill Pub Complexe: Montreal, Quebec

Our days in Montreal were some of the hottest I have ever experienced in my life, and I have been to some pretty hot places like Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, etc. We decided to walk around and do our sightseeing, even with the 40 + degrees humidex. When we walked into the downtown area from Côte-Des-Neiges (probably 45 minutes), it was time for some relief (air conditioning). I have no idea how some people still sat on the patios during the hottest part of the day, but we went directly inside the Sir Winston Churchill Pub where the air conditioning felt like heaven. You can read more about this pub here.  

Of course we had nachos....

Sir Winston Churchill Nachos - September 2023

Sir Winston Churchill Nachos (uh oh) - September 2023

Distribution of Toppings

The picture of what was left over usually means bad news. The distribution of toppings was very poor. What did I used to say in my earlier posts? The makeup came right off on the top layer. 


There was a nice cheese blend and good quality ingredients. I liked that there were a good amount of veggies and that top layer tasted really great. I really wish they would have had a meat option, but I have a feeling that nachos are not their top dish that they make. The atmosphere felt like a nice party atmosphere. I didn't want to go back out into the heat as I was having a really good time inside.


It's hard to give an regular qualitative review ("How full did I feel?") for the quantity of nachos we had on our Quebec trip (Surprise! We ate a lot of nachos on this trip!). It's hard because we had so much pub food that we never really felt hungry. I think this quantity would be good for a snack, but with all the bare chips you might not even want to eat it all - it depends on how you feel about eating bare chips.


These veggie nachos come to $19.95. I was surprised with some of the prices for food in downtown Montreal. This would be a great value if it wasn't for the poor distribution of toppings. 


It's really hard to give a great review for a plate of nachos with poor distribution of toppings. In addition, eating the top layer with many bare chips underneath leaves us with less quantity and diminishes the value of the plate of nachos. However, the atmosphere was cool, service was excellent, and it was very comfortable in there after being outside in 40+ degree weather. 

Nacho Blog Rating: B-