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Blaxton Pub & Grill: Quebec City, Quebec

I'm trying to schedule my blog entries to publish the way the chapters are laid out in a Game of Thrones book. I know I have some different locations to update so I'm trying to alternate between locations just like in Game of Thrones where they jump around the different storylines. On the TV show, in one episode you could find out about five different storylines as it jumps around. I will say that show is my inspiration right now. Blaxton Pub & Grill has four different locations. We went to the one on Avenue Cartier, just around the corner from Old Quebec City. It was a very French night as we insisted on speaking French to everyone including amongst ourselves, so I told the waitress that I forgot my English! I tried to make it seem dramatic too. You had to be there.

We had the nachos, and we enjoyed rooting against the Kansas City Chiefs and listening to some live music all at the same time.

Blaxton Pub & Grill Smoked Meat Nachos - September 2023

Distribution of Toppings

The distribution of toppings was pretty average. It could have used a little more smoked meat but there's no picture of bare chips left over so distribution wasn't too bad.


The little bits of smoked meat that they had on the nachos were not very spicy but there was a good blend of cheese and veggies. I always love when a restaurant uses the traditional triangular chips. In addition, there was plenty of dip to go with the chips. Maybe they could have used a little more cheese.


It was sufficient to share as a meal at 9pm because we were never hungry in Quebec lol.


The nachos are $22.95. If you add an extra salsa it is $2.75 extra. If you add an extra sour cream it is $2.25 extra. If you add guacamole it is $3.95 extra. If you add fried chicken it is $5.95 extra. If you add smoked meat it is $6.95 extra. These were pricey considering the distribution of toppings and the quality. Keeping in mind that this pub is just around the corner from old Quebec, this is considered a decent value.


It's really hard to be subjective since I was not overly hungry going into the experience, but overall, these were good nachos. There was not as much smoked meat as I would have liked to see, and they were not cheap, but there was a good cheese blend and the taste was great. In addition, there was fun entertainment where the performer sang popular songs in both English and French. Final point: practicing speaking French and "forgetting my English" was very fun. Seeing the Chiefs win was not as fun, but alas it adds to the plot that is life.

Nacho Blog Rating: B+