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Arriba Burrito: Montreal, Quebec

Arriba Burrito has two locations: Mont-Royal and St-Denis. We went to the St-Denis location after hiking the Mont-Royal mountain on a hot and sunny (40 + degree humidex) day and got some relief from the heat when we went inside. It is a Mexican restaurant in the Latin Quarter of Montreal, Quebec and their website can be viewed here. 

Arriba Burrito Steak Nachos (small size) - September 2023

Distribution of Toppings

Look at that. What a piece of art! There was never a dull moment when it came to Arriba Burrito's nachos. Every bite was a random selection from the 20 toppings piled onto these nachos, with many dips and lots of cheese loaded onto them. 


These were easily the highest quality nachos we had on our trip to Quebec. These nachos had guacamole, sour cream, and a bit of queso on the top, and none of the chips got soggy! The rib eye steak was AAA+. It was a nice cheesy plate of nachos. There were lots of veggies and the chips reminded me of the chips I used to eat when I went down to Mexico. They tasted house fried! These are the proper chips to use when making nachos. 


This was a small and we thought it was a large. It was sufficient to share as a meal and really hit the spot after hiking the Mont-Royal trail in Montreal. 


The steak nachos are $27.99, which is quite fair considering the quality and the distribution of toppings.


The service was about average. At first the server was very friendly and was efficient, but then we had to chase him down for more drinks and the bill. It got kind of awkward after a while after the waiter started taking personal calls in the restaurant and then telling us about it.


These nachos really hit the spot and were arguably the best nachos we had out of the 7-10 plates we had the week of Labour Day 2023. The distribution of toppings and the quality are what I think really make or break the nacho blog rating. If you can give me a very cheesy plate of nachos with all the layering on some good chips with good meat, you're almost guaranteed to have a good rating and this place did just that. 

Nacho Blog Rating: A-