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Kelsey's Original Roadhouse: Moncton, New Brunswick

Kelsey's is a chain restaurant that has locations in three provinces: New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and Ontario. There is one location in New Brunswick, and that is in Moncton. Kelsey's is a sports bar that is close to the highway and was a nice treat to have on our way back from Price Edward Island on a beautiful summer day. It was nice to try somewhere new for nachos in Moncton as it had been a while.

Kelsey's Loaded Full Pan Nachos with beef - July 2023

Distribution of Toppings 

The toppings were perfectly distributed on the many chips in that large pizza pan! There was never a dull moment when having these nachos.


There were some great toppings on the nachos: lettuce, tomato, green peppers, red onion, and jalapeños. There was a good cheese blend and the guacamole was tasty as well. I liked that they had the traditional triangular chips and they were fresh and crunchy. The only thing that I would mention that could have been better with the quality was that the toast factor could be improved. Also, we could have used a little more cheese on the chips. 


That 16" pan was huge for two to share as a meal. If you're very hungry, I would recommend the Full Pan Nachos because you will leave wonderfully satisfied.


The half pan of loaded nachos is $15.99 and the full pan is $21.99. If you add sautéed beef, it is $4.99 extra. If you add chicken on the half pan it is $4.99 and the full pan is $6.99. If you add beef chili on the half pan it is $2.99 extra and on the full pan it is $3.99 extra. If you add guacamole it is $2.49 extra. I think the value is pretty fair considering the quantity and overall taste of the nachos. 


After a week spent eating lots of seafood and Cows ice cream, it was nice to have a big ol' plate of nachos on the way home. If they can master the cheese quantity and toast factor, they could be an Excellent nacho.

Nacho Blog Rating: A-