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MDI Lobster and BBQ: Southwest Harbor, Maine

MDI Lobster and BBQ is located between Bar Harbor and Bass Harbor which is "on the quiet side of Mount Desert Island".  MDI is just minutes away from Acadia National Park and you can experience a beautiful view of the harbor while having high quality seafood. There are other foods that you can have that are high quality while visiting Southwest Harbor and one of those foods is nachos. We ordered mussels on one side and on the other side were some nachos which will be highly rated. 

MDI Pulled Pork Nachos - September 2022

MDI Pulled Pork Nachos - September 2022

Distribution of Toppings

Every chip had the perfect amount of toppings just bursting with flavor. There were no problems with too many chips or too many toppings or chips without toppings.


Here it appears that some shredded cheese was used in addition to the queso. Should have taken better notes, but I do remember it was delicious queso. The pulled pork had really good sauce and the pork was smoked and very tender. The chips were like chips I would get in Mexico and the veggies were great as well.


The pulled pork nachos are $12.95 USD which includes pico de gallo, sour cream, and queso. Today's conversion would make them $17.79 CAD. Considering the quality and the distribution of toppings, the value is excellent.


If you're sharing for supper, you should order something small to go with them.


The service was very friendly and efficient. The owner was also going to the different tables asking customers how they are enjoying their experience. That little bit of effort goes a long way. Especially if someone is going to post about it in a blog!! 


The harbor side setting combined with excellent quality and service means that this place deserves top marks. Everything was perfect and I am so glad I had this experience.

Nacho Blog Rating: A+