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Resto Pub Sportif: Saint-Quentin, New Brunswick

Now that Fall is in the air, I think it's time we cleared up some of the backlog from the Summer. We went on three vacations this Summer which opened the door for many nacho research and blogging opportunities. One of those opportunities was presented to us when we were on our way to hiking Mount Carleton and made a stop for lunch in Saint-Quentin, New Brunswick in July 2022. We walked into the Resto Pub Sportif and decided that we were going to have the complete French experience by not only ordering in French, but also speaking in French amongst ourselves. It was fun! 

Resto Pub Sportif Large Beef Nachos- July 2022

Distribution of Toppings

The distribution of toppings was perfect. 


The blended cheese was perfectly melted and there were plenty of toppings to go with these fresh chips. The meat was nothing spectacular; however, but for that price I wasn't expecting gourmet steak to be on them. 


The small plate of nachos is $6.49 and the large plate of nachos is $9.69. If you add chicken it is $4.19 extra and if you add beef it is $2.19 extra. I have never seen prices like this for these nachos with this kind of quality. This is probably the best value I've ever seen when it comes to nachos thus far.  


The waitress was very friendly and efficient. I loved how she spoke French with us to allow us to practice and feel the French experience! 


I think they are a good plate to share as a meal because I had mussels, wings, and some of these nachos and was pretty satisfied for lunch. I was all set to hike Mount Carleton. 


This is one of those times where I write a short and sweet review and nothing more. I ate these nachos 2 months before writing the review. I remember them being really good, but no specific memories really jump out. Based on that, I'll say that they were good nachos but not the best in New Brunswick.

Nacho Blog Rating: A