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Mama's Restaurant: Moncton, New Brunswick

 Mama's Restaurant is a pizza place located on Main Street in Moncton, New Brunswick. After attending a Matt Mays concert at the Tide and Boar, we decided to have a good snack before calling it a night and Mama's was open just next door. We walked in through the crowd of kids and decided to do some nacho research for the blog. When you go to a place that specializes in pizza, you expect the pizza to be great and the rest of the food offered to be sub-par. Freddie's Pizza proved us wrong in that regard with their nachos being in the hometown top ten for a long time now, so of course Mama's could also stand up to the competition. Spoiler alert: Mama's was no Freddie's

Mama's Chicken Nachos - June 2022

Distribution of Toppings

When you look at the picture, you see that there is not a lot of cheese. That cheese in the picture was all we got as there was only cheese on that top layer. To give a tribute to the earlier posts "the make-up came off". The distribution of toppings was pretty poor.


While we did not get a lot of cheese, there was a good amount of chicken and there probably could have been more veggies. They also use round chips which always tends to give nachos an inauthentic feel.


This is a good size to share as a meal or after a late night outing e.g., Matt Mays concert!


Eventually you just start asking some questions to yourself: "what were your expectations going in?" and "Do you allow a place that specializes in pizza more leeway than a place that specializes in nachos?" We really should have ordered pizza and had a better experience. These nachos satisfied our hunger but did not fulfill us because there was poor distribution of toppings and not the best quality. The parts where these nachos do shine would be the quantity and value, especially late at night. 

Nacho Blog Rating: C-