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The Lower Ledge Gastropub: Doaktown, New Brunswick

The Lower Ledge Gastropub is located on 30 Ledges Inn Lane in Doaktown, New Brunswick. It has a beautiful view of the water for diners to enjoy along with some good comfort food. One of those comfort foods is nachos, so and we had to do some research and put Doaktown on the blog! 

The Lower Ledge Gastropub Beef Nachos - July 2022
The Lower Ledge Gastropub Beef Nachos (what was left over) - July 2022

Distribution of Toppings

The picture does not do it justice (I think we ate some more leftover toppings before the picture), but there were a lot of toppings left over after all the chips were gone. I would rather have toppings left over than plain chips left over; however, both scenarios impact the rating when it comes to the distribution of toppings. 


The toast factor was perfect and I really enjoyed the taste of the cheese. As you can see from the photo, there was only orange cheese on these nachos. I normally expect to see some lighter cheese blended in like a nice jack and/or mozza, but whatever cheese they used really worked.  There was a very generous quantity, fully melted onto the chips. This pub has a beautiful atmosphere both because of its prime location and the attractive decor, which also contributes to the quality of the nacho experience.


I did not take a picture of the menu and I cannot access the menu online. We did note at the time that the value was excellent.


We ordered the nachos to share as a meal, and said we would order wings afterwards if we were still hungry. There was no plate of wings required after these nachos.


The service was very friendly and efficient!


If there were more chips to improve the chip to topping ratio, these would be a pretty-near-perfect plate of nachos. I am so happy that we ate here right after a good afternoon of river tubing on the Miramichi!

Nacho Blog Rating: A-