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STMR.36 BBQ & Social: Fredericton, New Brunswick

I had been kind of quiet lately with the nacho blog as I hadn't been having a lot of nachos lately. However, times have changed and I am ready to go on some adventures where nachos are involved! One of these adventures took us to the restaurant that is located inside the Delta in Fredericton, New Brunswick which is called the STMR.36 BBQ & Social. We went there for lunch our first day at the hotel and noticed the nachos on the menu. The next day, after a nice long run outside, I was ready to get fueled on some carbs, protein, fats, and all the wonderful flavors that combine when you have nachos. There was certainly a lot of good flavors going on when we had nachos on that beautiful spring evening at the Delta.

We went again in November 2022, and it was the same excellent experience as before. The latest picture is with pulled pork and pit mix. 

STMR.36 The Best Nachos with Pulled Pork: November 2022

STMR.36 The Best Nachos with Brisket: May 2022

STMR.36 The Best Nachos with Brisket: May 2022

Distribution of Toppings

STMR.36 made sure to have all the chips covered with wonderfully delicious toppings. I did not have to feel the disappointment of having a chip with nothing on it.


While the nachos were delicious, the only problem was that there was some uncooked cheese so they were not cooked all the way through in spots. Otherwise, the toppings were fresh, the cheeses were perfectly mixed together. As for the chips, we had nice crunchy tortilla chips that easily supported lots of toppings including olives, jalapeƱos, tomatoes, and green onion. I thought that we had an ample amount of veggies on these fully-loaded nachos. 


The Best Nachos are $23.00. If you add pit mix, it is $8.00 extra. If you add guacamole, it is $2.00 extra. If you add brisket, chicken, or pulled pork it is $6.00 extra. I will tell you something: I had some nachos at our go-to the same weekend, which I have rated really high on the blog, and these nachos - mind you they were double the price - were better than what we had at "the go-to". $23 + extras may seem like a lot, but it was worth every penny.  


We shared this as a meal and we had to have it boxed up to have together as another meal for later. You basically get four full-meal helpings worth of nachos! 


The service was perfection! Very efficient and very friendly. When we came back in November 2022, 6 months after the first visit, the server remembered us! He even remembered what I drank back in May and offered that drink to me!


Despite there being some spots where the nachos were not cooked all the way through, STMR.36 BBQ & Social nailed every other parameter to make this an excellent plate of nachos. There is some good competition for excellent nachos in the Fredericton area and I cannot wait to visit again for some more research. 

Nacho Blog Rating: A